Virtually Touring the World’s Art Galleries

courtesy of Google Art Project

Google’s team of digital voyeurs is at it again with the just-released Google Art Project.

Dream of seeing Florence’s Uffizi Gallery? Or London’s Tate Museum?  It’s all accessible – full gallery view, up close, or really up close.  After touring some of the world’s well-known artworks this morning, I feel conflicted about this latest development (and curious as to how they shoot these galleries with no one in them?).

Brush strokes aren’t easily discerned, so an artist’s “hand” can not be studied with ease. However, I did acquaint myself with some lesser-known works as I cruised by The Birth of Venus (like Musical Angel, by Rosso Fiorentino).

What does this accessibility to the world’s greatest artworks mean to you?  Does this accessibility in any way substitute an actual visit to see these works?  Or does it simply provide a way to more easily plan a trip to some of these galleries?  I’m torn, but one thing is for certain: I’m limiting myself to one picture in today’s post.  You can go view the “real” thing yourself.

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