A Recipe for Memories.

Please welcome Allison, our newest “Curious” contributor!  Allison’s first post pulls at our sentimental heartstrings, loving anything that refers to the slower days of handwritten, photocopied memories, much like this post that was created a while back. 

We hope you enjoy it.  Stay curious…


3-ring recipe binder, courtesy of DesignerBinder's Etsy shop.
3-ring recipe binder, courtesy of DesignerBinder’s Etsy shop.

Recently one Sunday morning I was sitting at my kitchen table planning my meals for the week. This is always quite a production as I am one of the few people who still uses hard-copy recipes. I have no filing system, other than a few overstuffed manila folders, so it inevitably takes me several minutes to organize all of my recipes before I can even begin to make a grocery list.

On this particular morning, I came across a handwritten recipe from an old friend of mine-a former colleague whom I worked with at my first job out of college. Suddenly I was hit with a torrent of memories of our time spent together, both at work and otherwise, and was moved by the sudden realization that you can work so closely with someone for so long and then suddenly, he or she is out of your life for good. All of these emotions from a handwritten recipe.

My friend’s lasagna recipe, stains and all.

A few minutes later, I opened a cookbook and found a few more handwritten notes across many of the pages.  This time, from my mother who loved to give my sister and I a new cookbook each time we moved into a new apartment during the years before we met our husbands.  Each cookbook from mom would have notes on the pages of her favorite recipes, such as, “This one is great for a group!” or, “Made this one for Christmas dinner last year.” Once again, I found myself reminiscing about old times.

It is impossible to separate food from emotions. For me, handwritten recipes add to the sense of connectedness to my food and are just as important as a well-stocked refrigerator or the perfect set of pots and pans when preparing a meal.  I thought for a moment, and then copied, by hand, one of my favorite recipes cut from a magazine many years ago. At the top, I wrote, “Dear Mom, I am thinking of making this for dinner Saturday night. Would love for you to join us…..”


~ ideas for recipe storage ~

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