Meeting Great Designers – Part 1

Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan & Kevin Sharkey

Each month, Apartment Therapy (the blogosphere’s leading design site) holds an “offline” Design Meetup. These Design Evenings give anyone the chance to come hear 1:1 interviews with some of the most exciting members of the design world.  Whether this is your business or your passion, it’s a wonderful way to get inspired and hear about how these designers got started, what motivates them, which projects they’re currently working on, and to ask them direct questions through audience Q&A.

I’ve been attending for almost two years and write up the evening’s events for the site.  We meet at ABC Carpet & Home in Manhattan (join us!) but the design evenings have also expanded across the country (check here for one in your city).  All links to our New York Design Evenings are featured here, but I wanted to start highlighting some of my favorites – this week, I’m featuring two designers who use color in fantastic, eye-catching ways. Continue reading

monday musings – madeline’s rugs

Apartment Therapy’s monthly meetup was a hit once again!

Designer | Artist | Business Owner Madeline Weinrib shared images of her work and inspirational travels with us last Wednesday. Having grown up with beautiful woven rugs (she’s the granddaughter of ABC co-founder Max Weinrib) she never thought her desire to be an artist would bring her back to the family business.  But it did, and the design world is better for it.

Read / look / learn about Madeline’s line of beautifully woven cotton rugs, as well as her work with Project Mala.

Pop-Up Retail

The concept of pop-up retail isn’t new.  Within the past 10 years, many retailers have played with this idea of getting their product out there in a temporary, or installation-like environment.

Trend Watching did an article about this concept about six years ago, featuring some familiar and not-so-familiar vendors who are playing with this concept. Continue reading

The Hand-Made Home.

During my time in the Bay Area over the past month, I’ve spent a lot of time looking around at new and curious things that have cropped up since I moved away. The list has focused on three areas (architecture / food / landscape) and how they have changed, or, more tellingly, look different to me now that I’m living back on the east coast.   Continue reading