Antiquing at New England’s Brimfield Fair

covered wagon at brimfield
                This beautiful covered wagon greeted me as I drove into the J&J Promotions fairgrounds.

I’ve been waiting to go to the Brimfield Fair for years – literally.  Held three times a year (May, July and September), the fair’s 55th season did not disappoint.  Granted, I only made it to about one-sixth of the entire fairgrounds, but what I saw was exciting and inspiring.  There’s something about all those beautifully worn items ~ clothes, kitchenware, furnishings, and all the oddities ~ that speaks to the history of so many people’s lives.  How they used these items, what they meant to them, and why they were discarded.  Part of why I saw just a fraction of the fair (besides the sheer size of it and the sweltering late summer heat) is that I met several exhibitors whom I spent a lot of time talking to.  For me, it was a lot like going to a design trade show, in that I knew that I’d find some kindred spirits as I perused the booths and happened upon some truly remarkable objects. Continue reading

Minding Mindfulness.

As one who has practiced meditation for some time, it is an essential part of my life – at this point, I really can’t live without it. Nonetheless, I’ll sometimes go for long stretches without “taking the time” to really relax and savor the opportunity to be mindful. While it does happen more naturally these days, I still go through cycles where it gets pushed by the wayside as more important things come up. Continue reading


10 Brass Side Tables.

Some great finds from a recent client shopping trip. Brass accents lend a lovely, warm aesthetic to almost any design style, and can really soften up a modern interior. Enjoy!

My Favorites from the Architectural Digest Show

Calvin Klein Home’s DIFFA Table Setting

What better way to re-ignite my posting than with a trade show roundup!

The Architectural Digest Show is back again, and yesterday’s trade-only day proved to be an invigorating one.  Besides saying hello to some of my favorite vendors as well as meeting some new ones, I got to attend some very worthwhile talks.

So, a little mashup below of my favorite finds of the day: Continue reading

Newsletters Worth Signing Up For

If you’re like me, you’ve got a messy inbox – daily and weekly emails that often get delivered due to signups from long ago.  I’ve tried to get in the habit of cleaning out my inbox once a week (Fridays are my “tech cleaning” days) but some of these pesky emails keep showing up.  And of course I feel bad – because I know what it’s like trying to get readership, and how hard it is to get someone back if they unsubscribe.

Luckily, there are some smart newsletter senders out there.  Some newsletters I get on a weekly, and even daily basis, and I love reading them.  These few folks have found a way to grab my attention with beautiful visuals or short text callouts that make this level of frequency worth it.  It’s hard to do.  So here they are, my short list of some newsletters that are worth getting in your inbox: Continue reading

Letting Go – The Savers

“before” image of my client’s desk

“You mean that candy wrapper
shouldn’t go in the scrapbook?”
~ my client, New Jersey

Okay, so my client was half-joking when the above statement was made.  He uttered these words a few days ago as we reached the end of five full days of cleanout – what I’ve been calling the Office Cleanout Extravaganza – that took place as Phase One of the home office redesign.

Continue reading

Letting Go

“Alex says when he throws something away,
it’s like losing a part of himself.
And that’s really scary.”
— Missy, mom of seven-year-old Alex

I’ve been thinking a lot about “stuff” lately. Perhaps it’s the change of season. Or my new obsession with Hoarders. Or the projects I’m working on – two of which are so different that it makes me wonder: what makes us feel a connection with our stuff? And how do we know (or more importantly, not know) the point at which it becomes an unhealthy relationship?

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